the icebergSince my injury and after each operation my knee has been swollen up like a melon! And been very sore..

So I needed ice. And lots of it! But it can be very difficult having a constant supply of ice.

The solution is…freezer bags!! Couple of packets of freezer bags will see a a couple of bags of ice last 5 or 6 days.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Put the ice in any sort of container (plastic bag or one even of the freezer bags).

2. Wrap it in a towel.

3. Crush it with rolling pin or hammer.

4. Fill up a couple of freezer bags (depending on their size).

5.  Put them in a pillow case.

Now you have a ice pack that you can wrap completely around you knee/injury and it won’t leak water everywhere.

Also when the ice melts inside the freezer bags, you can just stick them back in the freezer to reuse them.

Note, when you do this i found it easiest to just crush the ice again in the same freezer bag and then transfer it to a new one. Crushing the ice will almost definately pierce the previous bag and cause it to leak!